Al Angulo is the Owner of A+Racing. His experience in racing and motor vehicles extends back to the time of his childhood. Here is a letter from Al to introduce you not only to himself, but to the passion that drives the business of A+Racing.


"From a very early age, I started racing anything I could make go faster or jump higher than it was intended to. It's kind of been my mission. I've gone from BMX, to Go Karts, to racing Moto X and Cross Country, then Jet skis and now Spec Miata's.  I'm the type of person that goes all in when I find something that thrills me. Since 2006 it has been road racing a Spec Miata all up and down the West Coast. I love the feeling of flying past cars that cost 10 times the price of my Miata and watching them get smaller in my rearview mirror.  I almost get as much pleasure in building a new car as I do racing it.  That's where the rental business side of  racing came in. My Spec Miata collection started to increase in size and I thought, why should I be the only one 'going broke' racing and building cars? So far, the idea to rent and race Miata's seems to be working out great.  I've rented out many of my cars to people I now race against from all over the globe. Helping others experience the thrill and pleasure of performance driving or racing is truly my pleasure."                                         - Al Angulo

West-Coast Racing

A Letter From the Owner

Committed to providing you excellent service in rentals and racing to give you that once in a lifetime experience!


The cars at A+Racing are professionally built with safety and performance in mind. All of our racecars are exceptionally well maintained, passing tedious inspections that qualify them as certified racecars with Racing Log Books in SCAA or NASA. Many of these cars have gone on to many wins in the SMT or ITA classes. A+Racing cars are also meant to accommodate all levels of experience, from the beginning, first-time driver to those who are well advanced and have lots of experience.

Racing is What We Do


Since the business started in 2006, A+Racing has provided rental services for Spec Miata's at raceways all along the West Coast. From Laguna Seca to Thunder Hill, you can find Al Angulo on the track racing his Spec Miata's.


We want to be the racecar rental and purchase  facility for all your raceway needs.​

Learn by doing

​We were honored to be featured in the NASA Speed News. Check out our story that shows you don't have to have big money to win big at Thunderhill.

Al Angulo, Owner

We can meet your rental needs at raceways along the West Coast including Laguna Seca, Sonoma Raceway and Thunder Hill. Some of the top teams in Road Racing have rented A+Racing cars to prepare some of the finest racers in the world for races in our area.


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